Saturday, April 14, 2007

The Rules (please read before posting)

After all these years, the Jimmie site continues to receive tens of thousands of hits from unique visitors each month. This fact warms my heart more than you can imagine (or maybe you can). In addition, I receive tons of private email and postal mail from Jimmie fans. I read and cherish them all.

That said, it's increasingly difficult for me to keep the Jimmie site updated or respond personally to your support in a timely manner. This is not a technology problem. I've got lots of technology and the know-how to use it. It's more of a... words fail me... spirit problem.

I'm not willing to go into details here at this time. But I will lay out some rules that everyone who posts here must follow. Anyone who violates these rules will find their post deleted as soon as I can get to it. Talk amongst yourselves privately, if you like, and do whatever you want, but don't jeopardize this blog or the Jimmie site.


1) Do not post a thread on this blog offering to copy, duplicate, share, or in any way make copies of Jimmie's music available to anyone, by any means whatsoever.

2) Share your personal stories and insights about Jimmie's music.