Saturday, April 14, 2007

The Rules (please read before posting)

After all these years, the Jimmie site continues to receive tens of thousands of hits from unique visitors each month. This fact warms my heart more than you can imagine (or maybe you can). In addition, I receive tons of private email and postal mail from Jimmie fans. I read and cherish them all.

That said, it's increasingly difficult for me to keep the Jimmie site updated or respond personally to your support in a timely manner. This is not a technology problem. I've got lots of technology and the know-how to use it. It's more of a... words fail me... spirit problem.

I'm not willing to go into details here at this time. But I will lay out some rules that everyone who posts here must follow. Anyone who violates these rules will find their post deleted as soon as I can get to it. Talk amongst yourselves privately, if you like, and do whatever you want, but don't jeopardize this blog or the Jimmie site.


1) Do not post a thread on this blog offering to copy, duplicate, share, or in any way make copies of Jimmie's music available to anyone, by any means whatsoever.

2) Share your personal stories and insights about Jimmie's music.


Don said...

I too am a fan of Jimmie's music and it is quite amazing, while visiting other favourite music links, that when we post our favourites, I always incluse his music-others from around the world have heard of Jimmie and they too are fans. I went into a used record store in Calgary, Alberta yesterday and purchased, for the princely sum of $5.00Canadian, a brand new, unopened copy of Ports of the Heart, The Original Tap Dancing Kid, Ilse of View, and The Dragon Is Dancing-which means I can play my original vinyl knowing I have backups. Each of them is punched in the corner, thus ruining their collectibility value but I am pretty sure they came from the old CBC (now SONY) rep. I worked for A&M Records for 18 years and of course you collect an awful lot of vinyl during that time. You may be able to order from them online and I never googled a website for them but they are called Recordland, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Even after all these years, nostalgia aside, his albums speak volumes.

Don Rodgers

FreeDragonMusic said...

You want to listen to Jimmie's music? -> sign in (It's free) then search for Jimmie - they have The Dragon is Dancing, Isle of View, Ports of the Heart, The Original Tap Dance Kid, and Evening with Jimmie. You create a Playlist - add the songs to the play list and then save - I created a play list for each album - listening to The Dragon is Dancing right now :)
I just wanted to share - enjoy!

Berlene Jacques said...

Back in 1974 I won the Isle of View album from a local radio station in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I immediately fell in love with Jimmie Spheeris' music and so did my then 7 year old daughter, Shanna.

Soon after, Jimmie was going to perform at the "Old Lady on Brady" concert hall (fabulous accoustics..just right for Jimmie).

My girlfriend bought a concert ticket for Shanna as a birthday gift. Jimmie was at the local "head shop", the Rubicon, in Tulsa and I took Shanna to see him. He walked out and my daughter was totally mesmerized by his six foot two height, his hair down to there and his large feet in sandals. She wanted to ask if he would sing Isle of View at the concert but she was literally speechless. I finally asked about the song and he told her that he would sing it "just for her".

Later that night, he told the audience that he had met the prettiest blue-eyed girl and that it was her birthday and he was going to sing just for her. He called out, "Shanna are you here"? She said, "Yes" and he proceeded to sing for her. Shanna never made a single move or even blinked her eyes.

About a year later, Jimmie made an appearance at "Cain's Ballroom" in Tulsa. A venue in which Shanna could not attend. She asked me to give him a message which she had written to him. So after the concert, I approached him and he took me backstage and sent Shanna a note on one of his guitar string packages. I still have that package tucked away.

Shanna died in 1987, two weeks before her 18th birthday, and on her headstone are the words "I Am The Mercury, Light of the Morning".

I don't think that Jimmie ever knew how much he had meant to my daughter through the few years of her life. I was so sorry to learn that he had passed away also. I found out today when I ordered the Isle of View CD from Amazon.

By the way, whatever happened to Roach?

Berlene Jacques ~ California

ToeRag said...

I found an artist "Jeff Black" that has a song "Nineteen" that reminds me so much of Jimmie's sound & Style.

check it out.

AndyEm said...

Thanks, Don... love to you and yours.