Sunday, October 04, 2009

Time flies

A Jimmie Spheeris fan sent a message about the cover of Jimmie's final CD... and that got me thinking about the time from '96 to 2000 when Johnny Pierce (the late, great and sorely missed founder of Rain Records) and I were working to save Jimmie master tapes before they disintegrated in in the Sony vaults. I remembered this page on the Jimmie site and thought I'd share it. I'm thinking about how the little things we send out across the net ripple back and forth for years. Sometimes they come back to haunt us... but sometimes they come back to bring comfort.

The Jimmie Spheeris restoration project was a high point in my creative and personal life. I'm so fortunate to have been a part of it. I think Jimmie would be pleased with what we did to bring his legacy to a new generation of listeners.

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lj said...

No, not forgotten, not ever. Awake in the wee hours, going on a cleaning rampage rather than staring at the ceiling, I came across a tape I bought from NPR of your July 2, 2000 interview with Lian Hansen. I still remember my shock that morning to hear Jimmie's music. I'd already done the same thing as Johnny Pierce by then and just typed "Jimmie Spheeris" into the search engine, ending up at the earlier iteration of these pages. I listened to the interview again, really a very nice interview, glad to see you have it linked here, ain't technology wonderful?! And here I am, once again at your doorstep.

So sorry to learn Johnny has passed. Hope you are well, Andy. Yes, I am quite confident Jimmie would be pleased with what you've done here. I never met him in person but went to several of his gigs in Gainesville, Florida and I LOVED him and his music. Remember going down to the front to dance to the Original Tap Dancing Kid, trying to drag my childhood tap dancing experience to my body's mind.

My LPs went with the ex but I'm so glad I bought CDs of all my Jimmie faves that year. Cherished! Alas, I bought a copy of "Spheeris" and of "Ports of the Heart" (through Rain Records?) around then as well but they have both escaped me (loaned to someone and never returned, I assume, though maybe they'll be like your package from Lori and turn up someday). I see the only copies of Spheeris for sale on Amazon start at $60. Do you know of a source of any of those for less?

Sending warm, not forgotten, not at all.

Janis said...

"Isle of View". Oh, yes. I have the old beat-up album and also have it on my iPod. Mystical.

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creativityguru said...

I've been a Jimmie Spheeris fan since the first album and waft in and out of his music. A few days ago, I found his live cd and much to my amazement and joy, I was at that concert in Williamantic, CT, in October 1976. I can still transport myself back 36 years ago, mezmoried by his magical performance, shared with friends long gone. BTW it was very loud, I left with my ears buzzing. I've been re-emersing myself in his music since. Sounds as wonderful as ever. I am attaching a link to an 10 year-old NPR story about the rediscovery/ re-release of his music