Thursday, April 01, 2010

Free Jimmie photo download

I've been reading reply posts on the blog this morning, since work in the design studio is slow lately. Scary slow, actually. The recession seems to have finally hit home. Anyway, the page called "A Mystery solved," features a link to a free high-resolution Jimmie photo, which was used in the cover art for the final album, "Spheeris." There's some interesting backstory about the photo there, too, if you have some time to kill. You can download the photo as a PDF (note: it's a big file and may take a while download if you're on a slow connection).

Reading through all the great posts people have made here, it occurred to me to post the link for those who may not have seen that page. Just a little nod of appreciation to the Jimmie fans who continue to share their comments and encouragement. Enjoy!